The Roots (and Joe Jonas?) to Headline Wawa Welcome America

Mayor Nutter announced yesterday that The Roots will be headlining Wawa Welcome America for the 4th of July- as if there was any other logical choice. Queen Latifah will also be… doing something, along with Daryl Hall (chyeah) and Common. But there is one scheduled act that’s sort of bugging us: Disney’s own Joe Jonas.

Allow me to lapse into an Andy Rooney-esque harangue for a moment:

Despite it’s horrible, horrible name (no amount of arguing will convince me that it shouldn’t be Wawa Welcomes America), Philly’s 4th of July concert has become a huge success for the city. Hall and Oates headlined a few years back and, since then, The Roots have taken over and turned the whole thing into the best free concert of the year. So, my questions is: whose sweet sixteen party did Joe Jonas have to play to get on this bill?

Look, it’s not a huge deal; I’m sure Joe Jonas is a nice dude and his performance will likely be fine (minus a probable flurry of boos). But the fact that we overlooked a number of successful local acts (War on Drugs, Dr. Dog, heck, even Asher Rother) to opt for one fourth of an irrelevant, Disney Channel band whose fan base has a median age of six and three quarters does not bode well for future lineups.

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Chris Lipczynski

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  • Vtbeachgal

    Joe Jonas has not been associated with Disney for quite some time and I’m curious if the author of this article has listened to any of Joe’s new music. I think he may be surprised. His two singles that have been released represent collaborations with Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. Joe has grown up and is now living the lifestyle you would expect of a 22 year old…just like his fans!

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