City Gets Tough on New Bike Lanes, Bykofsky Rejoices

An exalted Stu Bykofsky reports that city officials have decided not to go ahead with new bike lanes in China Town. The lanes were set up to test the possible negative effects on traffic and, as you might have guessed, they managed to slow things down by 5 mph.

Of course, Bykofsky’s article was steeped in old-man-shaking-fist candor; he even pointed out that “two-wheel-happy Amsterdam” only see’s 30% percent of its residents commuting by bike, as if that had anything to do with the hellish traffic in Philadelphia.

But it seems that his trademarked reluctance to change is catching on at City Council, and now a new measure could make the installation of new bike lanes even harder. Councilman Councilman Bill Greenlee, along with President Clarke and Councilman Squila, have proposed a new initiative that would require all new bike lanes in Philadelphia to first be approved by a City Council hearing.

Translation: Be content with the bike lanes we have now, because the bitchfest at these bike lane hearings is going to epic.

Chris Lipczynski

A graduate of Temple University, Chris Lipczynski continually spreads himself too thin, endeavoring in documentary films, “computer music,” first-person shooters, and manly hikes through the wilderness. Follow him on Twitter for daily musings and meaningless philosophical reflections: @RealChrisFlip.

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    What do I pay the wage tax in this city if I can’t save the money by not owning a car.  I live here because it’s easy to get around by bike and transit.  I can work from anywhere that has internet and I can avoid the $5,000 I pay to the in wage tax pretty easily.  If council wants to lose its population gains from young professionals enjoying safety on the roads while not owning cars then they can continue to attack the basic bike infrastructure the mayor has erected.  We can continue the trend of moving to NYC or out West where there are still forward thinking cities who care about livability.

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