Say Goodbye to Philly Traffic Court!

If there’s one thing that proves city officials are actually working in our best interest, this has to be it. Not too long ago, we reported that Councilman Bill Green introduced a bill to put down the loathsome beast that is Philly’s traffic court by allowing drivers to contest parking tickets online or by phone.

Yesterday, City Council unanimously approved its euthanization, and Nutter plans to sign off on it shortly. This means that the worst place in Philadelphia (the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication) should be a ghost town by fall.

To pay for the new system, Councilman Mark Squilla has proposed adding an extra $4 to every parking violation. If approved, the surcharge will likely be phased into the new program during the fall. reports that the extra fee could raise another $4 million in revenue each year.

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Chris Lipczynski

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  • Former Traffic Court User

    What the $#@% chuck??  We are making the new system more efficient and presumably more cost effective by eliminating the overhead of running the traffic court and switching to the online and phone system but we are going to charge more money because this is going to cost more then running the court system??? Am I missing something or should this not be helping the budget by switching to the new system not hurting it and if it is hurting it in a city that is already bleeding cash why the $#@% would we change it??

    I dealt with the traffic court systems on many an occasion and I had ZERO problems with it, the only reason I can think to eliminate or slim it down is to save money not because it was a problem.

  • Philadelphian

     It must be to make up for all the money they will lose by allowing people to easily contest bogus parking violations.

  • Jim

    This dealt with parking tickets.  It is not Phila. Traffic Court!  This is the Parking Authority.

  • Jim

    This dealt with parking tickets.  It is not Phila. Traffic Court!  This is the Parking Authority.

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