Marc Summers Tells “Dunkel Dare” Crowd to “Shut the F*ck Up”

You know our theory that former Double Dare host Marc Summers is quantifiably more awesome than you and all of your shitty friends combined? Well, our hypothesis has just been verified by this here video. For some reason, Summers agreed to host Dunkel Dare last week at Frankford Hall in conjunction with Philly Beer Week. But all the beer and Marc Summer-ing proved to be a little too much excitement for the crowd, which, incidentally, provided the perfect formula for this golden nugget of internet.

This may be lost on you if you’re under the age of 24, so in lieu of your Marc Summers enjoyment, please go here.

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Chris Lipczynski

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  • Michaelangelo Ilagan

    Don’t thank Drink Philly for the video or anything.

  • Guest

    There’s an ad Drinkphilly over the entire video. 

  • Michaelangelo Ilagan

    I don’t really think validates not giving credit to the content source. Plus, on mobile devices that ad wouldn’t show up.

  • Guest

    Whatever, nigga.


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