Watch NJ Transit’s Extremely Graphic, Terrifying PSA

I hope I’m not generalizing here, but pretty much all of Western civilization knows that a moving train can- and will -annihilate your precious body. Sadly, people still get hit by trains each year, and it seems New Jersey has had about enough of that. To address this issue, New Jersey Transit decided to release this heavy-handed, extremely terrifying PSA, which warns commuters of the many dangers associated with… getting hit by a train.

While I’m still unwilling to believe that NJ coroners actually use Glad Sandwich Bags to clean up the bodies, the symbolism definitely comes across clear in the video.

I don’t want to make light of this, because people are actually dying, but New Jersey Transportation Commissioner James Simpson’s statement on the matter is about as obvious as a human can be, ”Unlike a car where a car can swerve, trains cannot swerve and as a result with the laws of physics it could take a train a quarter of a mile to stop and students have not had the experience to learn that.” You don’t say?

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    As a kid I knew walking on the tracks was a bad idea.  I always thought I could cross the tracks without a problem if I really needed to.  Kids need to realize that on plenty of tracks trains are whizzing by at upwards of 100mph.  I crossed the Northeast Corridor in college and it took me a few years to realize how lucky I was that there was no Acela barreling down because it can come from nowhere more quickly than I can cross 4 tracks.

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