South Philly Sinkhole May Take Month to Repair

You G-Hoers who’ve made it through the Great South Philly Flood of 2012 are looking at a rather long cleanup. City officials have estimated that it could take up to a month to fill in the gaping crater at 21st and Bainbridge, which means Graduate Hospital should return to normal sometime just before Labor Day. reports that around 70 homes received damage resulting from a water main break on Sunday night. As we reported earlier in the week, the transmission water main in question was older than dirt. According to a water department spokesman, “We believe it’s [the water main] likely almost a 100 years old if not more.”

The cause of the break is still unknown, but we’re assuming it had something to do with the super-ancient pipes that carry all of South Philly’s water. This now has us wondering which exploding relic will inconvenience us next. (Please pray it’s not the King of Jeans sign.)

Source: | Photo: Alejandro A. Alvarez

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  • ambiguator

    Anything south of South st is “South Philly” now?
    Gimme a break.

  • Chris Flip


  • Margaret Motheral

    It’s over a  hundreds years old because the City always steals the Federal money to fix such things and then spend money on fancy Dilworth Plaza project which mainly the politicians and municiplal building workers can enjoy.   Priorities.

  • plumbing supplies

    Sinkholes may capture surface drainage from running or standing water, but may also form in high and dry places in a certain location. This explains that the process of that drainage hasten the formation of it.

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