Heads Up: Amazon Will Start Charging PA Sales Tax

Just a quick heads up for all you online shoppers out there: Amazon.com has announced that they will start charging sales tax on all orders coming from The Keystone State (that’s us).

In the past, the company did not charge sales tax, which sort of pissed of state governments and became this whole big thing. Alas, state authorities have finally put an end to our foul impropriety, drafting a directive which forces us to pay the tax man starting this Saturday.

Since everything you order from Amazon will cost you 6% more, now would be the best time to order that Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee we’ve been asking for… just sayin’.

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  • Katie

    Ugh, well this is just the pits. But thanks for posting it, because I hadn’t heard this anywhere else. Thanks for keeping us readers in the know!

  • SincereErin

    Interested to see if they’ll impose the 8% sales tax if shipped to Philly (and othe counties like Allegheny with higher than 6%)… and I wonder if, like our state sales tax code dictates, we won’t be charged tax on things like clothes. Thus, those still wanting to perpetuate the 2009 fad of 3 wolf moons can still get their tee tax-free.

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