Every Wednesday morning from 9:00am to 9:02am, the staff is permitted to take a small break to apply fresh bandages and dressings to our crippled hands and gashed extremities. If during this time we do not black out from malnourishment or exhaustion, we will happily answer any of your questions or consider any of your suggestions.

Suggestions can include:

  • - Ideas for articles or general suggestions for the site
  • - Events, festivals, art shows, concerts or restaurant openings that need our attention (or presence–hint, hint)
  • - Video footage from around town of interesting/hilarious happenings
  • - Suggestions on how to escape tightly-secured office buildings


Editorial Internships:
Preferred majors: English, Communications, Marketing, Public Relations is looking for stellar interns and freelancers to join our editorial team. This is a highly competitive editorial internship in a fast-paced creative environment. Interns and freelancers will work with our editors to create original content, including articles, videos and on-the-street reporting in Philadelphia. Internships are unpaid but students will get credit and recommendations as well as published articles to build your portfolio.

Opportunities for paid freelancing positions will be considered after we’ve fully assessed and monitored the value of your creative input.

- Must be a hard worker. Your success here is entirely depends on how hard you work on your articles and pitches.
- A reliable internet connection and computer
- Strong writing skills
- Must have an acute awareness of current social trends in music, TV, film, art and a hyper-local attunement with Philly
- Social media familiarity, web savvy
- Ability to create engaging, original content that won’t put our readers to sleep
- Experience in Photoshop, Adobe Premiere or WordPress is a plus (though not required)
- Must be able to meet deadlines and answer our emails in a timely fashion; we quit the babysitters club years ago

Do not apply if:
- You do not live in or close to Philadelphia
- You’re going to flake out on us because your non-existent dog swallowed a micromachine
- Your favorite band is Creed
- You’ve never heard of Gawker or Reddit
- You’re a homebody who hasn’t been to an art show or concert in years

Please submit your resume in PDF format along with a writing sample and a list of your favorite online publications to We are VERY flexible with work and class schedules as long as you give us prior notice.

1100 E. Hector Street Suite 313
Conshohocken, PA 19428

P. 215.713.3866