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Mayor Nutter Proposes New Taxes on Fun


Potentially bad news for those of you who like to smoke, drink and generally have a good time in the city of Philadelphia. In an effort to raise an estimated $90 million for city schools, Mayor Nutter recently proposed some hefty taxes that would bring us just a bit closer Continue reading »

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City Council President Proposes Ads on City Hall… Again


Back in December of 2011 we wrote about City Council President Darrell Clarke wanting to put advertisements on city buildings in order to boost revenue. Nearly two years later, Clarke  is still holding on to the controversial idea. Later this week, Philadelphia City Council will hold a hearing to discuss the plan, Continue reading »

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PA Councilman Uses Emergency Alert System to Call His College Buddy “Gay”


Man, it is never good news when anyone from Pennsylvania shows up on Gawker and/or Jimmy Kimmel. This time around the wheel of perpetual shame, a councilman from Washington, PA “accidentally” used his city wide emergency alert system to call his college friend Brian “gay.” Of course, he meant “gay” Continue reading »

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Pennsylvania Family Coalition Not Down with “Arrangement Finders” Billboard


Sure, it’s sleazy as hell, but should Philly’s Arrangement Finders billboard be taken down? I guess that depends on how strongly you believe in the sixth commandment and/or super sexy billboards. Metro Philly reports that local religious and conservative groups are demanding the billboard be cast into oblivion, citing its Continue reading »

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Arlene Ackerman Dies at 66


Former Philly superintendent Arlene Ackerman passed away on Saturday from pancreatic cancer. She was 66 years old. After receiving a $905,000 buyout to relinquish her position as superintendent (and then filing for unemployment), Ackerman became the most notorious local super-villain since Larry Mendte, as many critics felt that her buyout package could Continue reading »

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Councilman Squilla Seeks to End “Civil War” Over Permit Parking


Depending on whom you ask, permit parking in Philadelphia can either be a beacon of hope in a cold world that abandoned you years ago, or it can be the bane of your shitty existence. Whatever side of the Mason-Dixon Line you fall on, Councilman Mark Squilla wants you to Continue reading »

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Electric Factory Wall Wrap Sparks Another Neighborhood Debate


Before retiring, former City Councilman Frank DiCicco was attempting to create an “outdoor advertising agency” centered around The Electric Factory in Callowhill. Though the bill was eventually passed, Mayor Nutter decided to veto it. Now DiCicco’s successor, Councilman Mark Squila, is proposing the controversial idea yet again, which would siphon 20% of the Continue reading »

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