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Dikembe Mutombo Resurfaces in Hilarious GEICO Super Bowl Ad


The former Sixers center and proud owner of the second most hilarious accent in the world, Dikembe Mutombo, has entered the limelight once again, appearing in what we’ve deemed to be the funniest GEICO advertisement of them all. The ad, which features Dikembe aggressively blocking non-gigantic human beings in ordinary Continue reading »

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Ed Bassmaster Pranks the Sh*t Out of Philadelphia


We’re going to go ahead and break our unspoken rule about posting prank videos; this video of YouTuber Ed Bassmaster hitting the streets of Philadelphia with realistic, rubber poo is totally worth it. Honestly, this could be the single best prank Philadelphia has ever seen. (Hey, we don’t have to Continue reading »

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Philly Cops Decide to go HAM, Purchase Dirt Bikes


The PPD recently added some new technology that will make their arsenal decidedly more bad ass for 2013. Yes, instead of opting to purchase thoroughly lame, non-threatening Segways (those things probably encourage criminal activity, if anything), the force has chosen to add two new dirt bikes which will roam the Continue reading »

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Man Erupts at Comcast Service Center, Demonstrates How We All Secretly Feel About Comcast


(*Language┬áNSFW*) Sure, his behavior is childish and wildly uncalled for, but I’d wager that the majority of Comcast’s customers have secretly felt his seething rage at one time or another. (I know I have.) There’s no backstory to the video, but let’s face the facts; this man probably waited in Continue reading »

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PA High School Officially Kills “Gangnam Style” Meme


Yet another meme-ending shit-fest has sprung forth from our once-glorious state of Pennsylvania. This time we’ve spawned a completely real “spoof-goof” brought to you by the horrible students and video editors at Spartan High School in New Holland, PA. Note how the video features students needlessly green-screened into various areas Continue reading »

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Fabulous: Mummer’s Parade Gets Its First Drag Queen Brigade


Adding an all-drag-queen Fancy Brigade to such a historic Philadelphia tradition is certainly a victory for the LGBT community at large. But when one considers the general fanciness of the time-honored spectacle, it’s sort of hard to believe anyone will notice. Comprised of “ten veteran drag performers”–with names like “Crystal Continue reading »

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De Niro Learned Philly Accent from Bradley Cooper’s Uncle


Bradley Cooper appeared on Letterman Monday night to promote his new film, Silver Linings Playbook (opening November 21st), revealing that his Uncle Ernie consulted co-star Robert De Niro on how to affect a proper Philly accent. Uncle Ernie is apparently a heating and air conditioning repairman from the area, which, Continue reading »

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