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Mayor Nutter Proposes New Taxes on Fun


Potentially bad news for those of you who like to smoke, drink and generally have a good time in the city of Philadelphia. In an effort to raise an estimated $90 million for city schools, Mayor Nutter recently proposed some hefty taxes that would bring us just a bit closer Continue reading »

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Watch: Mayor Nutter Bashes Philly Mag’s “Being White” Article


In case you actively avoid local magazine gossip (we wouldn’t blame you), Philly Mag recently stepped in it big time with their cover story “Being White in Philadelphia.” The cringe-worthy piece basically gave a one-sided opinion of race relations in Philadelphia using anonymous quotes from white people with crude and Continue reading »

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Nutter Invites New Yorkers to Enter Philly Marathon


Still in a state of recovery from Hurricane Sandy’s destruction, officials were forced to cancel the annual New York City Marathon a mere 24 hours before the scheduled start, despite Mayor Bloomberg’s hopes. The Annual Philadelphia Marathon, however, will play host to a small number of those New York runners. Though Continue reading »

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Nutter Offered to Ho$t Now-Cancelled NYC Marathon


A sponsor of the New York Marathon, which was cancelled at the last minute due to Hurricane Sandy, has confirmed that Mayor Nutter offered to host the estimated 40,000 runners in Philadelphia. Mayor Nutter’s spokesman, Mark McDonald, also confirmed to The Inquirer that the offer was made, but he declined to Continue reading »

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Made in America Promoters Still Owe Half a Million Dollars to City of Philadelphia


According to The Inquirer, the promoters of the mega-festival, Made in America, held over Labor Day weekend still owe Philadelphia some $500,000 for overtime and additional costs. The contract held with Live Nation, the promoter of the event, stipulates that the organizers of the concert have to pay “$220,000 for police, Continue reading »

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Nutter Pens Letter to Romney Demanding Tax Returns


Mayor Nutter, accompanied by host of other mayors, recently sent a rather critical letter to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, asking him to finally release his super secret tax returns. Here’s a snippet: “Remember when you auditioned to be John McCain’s vice presidential pick? You gladly handed over twenty-three years Continue reading »

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Nutter Calls July 4th Shooter a “Little Asshole,” Claims He is Not “Psychologist for the City”


Get ‘em, Nut-Nut! We love this guy, especially when he lets his frustration over our city’s penchant for poorly timed violence fly free in the breeze. As you’ve probably heard, Philly’s Fourth of July celebration suffered a bit of a misstep when a 16-year-old decided it was appropriate to shoot Continue reading »

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