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Police Captain Wants to Stop Bro Busing in Old City


In a futile attempt to salvage Old City’s reputation as the most violent hotspot in Philadelphia, 6th Police District Capt. Brian Korn is urging neighborhood bars to stop busing in bros by the dozen. Yes, this is real; Capt. Korn actually emailed Graham Copeland, executive director of Old City’s Special Service District, suggesting Continue reading »

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Philly Cyclists Call for More Bike Parking at Transit Stations


Parking your bike around the city can be a daunting task, and according to the results of a recent Bike-to-Transit online map survey, that’s a statistically proven fact. 462 people were surveyed, and the results show that 87% of them want easier bike parking at public transit sites. The survey was performed by Continue reading »

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Internet Gambling Finalized in New Jersey


If you want to gamble in New Jersey, you may never have to leave your computer again! Yesterday, Gov. Chris Christie approved legislation that will allow for Internet gambling within the state. The player would simply register online, verify their age and then have access to any slot or table Continue reading »

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Senate Approves Bill to Abolish Philly Traffic Court


After nine former and current Traffic Court judges were recently indicted on multiple charges of corruption, a state Senate committee has passed a bill that would eliminate the Philadelphia Traffic Court as we know it. Larry Farnese and Michael Stack, two Philadelphia members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, backed the legislation Continue reading »

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Sale of State Liquor Stores Will Fill Our Children with Knowledge and Wonder


Get out of my dreams and into my state legislation! Governor Corbett made a much anticipated announcement this week, unveiling his proposal to sell off our so-antiquated-they’re-almost-funny state liquor stores to the private sector, raising an estimated $1 billion that would be handed over to schools in block grants. The Continue reading »

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“Black Hero Mountain” vs. “Negro Mountain”


Pennsylvania State Rep. Rosita Youngblood is partnering with Maryland Senator Lisa Gladden to rename Negro Mountain, which–surprise–is an actual 30-mile mountain ridge located between Pennsylvania and Maryland! It turns out that the mountain is named after Nemesis, a presumably badass slave who perished there in 1756 during the French and Indian War. Continue reading »

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This State Rep. Wants to Give You a Ride Home from the Bar


Digital high-fives to Pennsylvania State Rep. Frank Burns, the only PA rep whose legislation might save you money during your next night out on the town. Ok, his plan aims to do a little more than just that. In an effort to reduce deaths and accidents resulting from drunk driving, Continue reading »

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