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Occupy Philly Protesting at Comcast Headquarters

Evicting them from Dilworth Plaza didn’t work. And apparently, arresting them after trying to take back City Hall apparently didn’t work either, because the Occupy protesters are back. This time, they’re at the Comcast building, joined by retired police Captain Ray Lewis, to petition for the media giant to carry Al Continue reading »

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Renovations to City Hall Revive Occupy Protests


A few months ago, Occupy protesters were booted from City Hall for incoming renovations. At 9:30 this morning, those long-awaited renovations to Dilworth Plaza commenced, but not before Occupiers tried reclaim their space. In a fairly peaceful march that began at 7:00 pm on Sunday night, Occupy Philly protesters met Continue reading »

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Protesters Respond to Occupy Philly Eviction


After being evicted from Dilworth Plaza, Occupy protesters in Philadelphia are still determined to to continue their campaign against economic inequality. Mayor Nutter reported that 52 arrests took place during the eviction on Monday night of November 28th. And by the next afternoon, only patrolling officers were seen around City Continue reading »

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Watch: Horses vs Occupy Philly


While Mayor Nutter and his administration are busy patting themselves on the back after last night’s “successful” eviction of Occupy Philly, we’ve just been waiting for the inevitable “gotcha” footage to prove them wrong. And it seems ABC is first out of the gate, releasing this rather intense confrontation between Continue reading »

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Scenes From the Occupy Philly Eviction


In what may have been a calculated move by city officials, the real Occupy Philly eviction occurred Monday night. Although the initial deadline for protestors was reported to be Sunday, November 27th, reports suggest that about a third of the protestors remained well into this week. So late last night, police were brought in on Continue reading »

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“Vacate Dilworth Plaza and Remove All of Your Personal Belongings”


Well, it’s official-  Occupy Philly is getting the boot from Dilworth Plaza.  The city has just posted notices around City Hall stating the protesters must leave for the $50 million incoming reconstruction to begin. While there’s no word yet on when exactly the project will start, a spokesman for Mayor Nutter was cited as saying, Continue reading »

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Behold the Dilworth Plaza Rehab that Simply Must Start Now


At this moment, Occupy demonstrators around the country are being evicted from town squares and parks. Tent cities in New York and Oakland have been removed and stricter laws banning tents and sleeping bags have been put into place as Occupiers return. But while Occupy Philly has enjoyed a relatively Continue reading »

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