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Victorino Buys Full-Page Ad Thanking Philly Fans


If you’re wondering how a former Phillies player can guarantee life-long protection from flying projectiles, look no further. Victorino (who, if you weren’t aware, has been traded) took out this full-page ad in Thursday’s edition of the Daily News. For those of you keeping track, this makes David Akers and Shane Continue reading »

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Watch: Pence and Victorino’s Toy Story Ending


Phillies parodies are usually pretty stupid and invariably one-dimensional. And sure, this one seems innocent enough at first. But when you consider that Pence and Victorino were essentially traded away as if they were half-broken X-Men action figures, the video begins to exhibit this strange, existential subtext. Ok, this is Continue reading »

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Pete Rose and Disparately Attractive Wife Are Getting a TLC Reality Show


Since TLC is firmly committed to jumping the shark (and every other aquatic animal for that matter), a Pete Rose reality show featuring his inexplicably young and attractive wife really is par for the course- despite how cringeworthy it may be. According to Dan Gross of Philly Gossip, the show, Continue reading »

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Phillie Phanatic Hit With Another Lawsuit for Throwing Woman in Pool


The fun-loving Phillie Phanatic has recently been slapped with its fourth lawsuit in the last decade. According to CBS, the mischievous Phillies mascot was flaunting its dance moves when it (allegedly) decided to playfully toss a woman in the pool… and break her back. Suzanne Peirce from Abington is claiming that Continue reading »

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Hapless Jayson Werth Hits His Own Car with Homer


After struggling throughout last year’s season, Jayson Werth may have hit one of his best home runs ever yesterday, when the Nats took on the Mets. But if you strongly loathe him for leaving Philly to collect a seven-year, $126 million contract, you’ll be happy to know that Werth is still Continue reading »

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Lenny Dykstra Gets Three Years in the Slammer


The infamous former Phillies player, failed entrepreneur and now freshly-convicted criminal, Lenny Dykstra, was sentenced to three years in prison on Monday. In January of 20111, Dykstra was charged with grand theft auto and filing false financial statements after he and  two of his cronies attempted to lease a bunch Continue reading »

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Why DC’s Philadelphia Experiment Will Never Work


The year is 2010. Recently acquired pitcher Roy Halladay has just put on another dazzling performance, crushing the Washington Nationals in their own stadium (often referred to by Phils fans as “Citizens Bank Park South”) and earning his team their fourth straight National League East division title. Still rocking a Continue reading »

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