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Pennsylvania: Worst Place in the Northeast for Gay Rights?


The equal sign has taken over Facebook this week– and not because math suddenly became trendy. The logo is a symbol for equality, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has been encouraging supporters of same-sex marriage to use it as their Facebook profile picture. Yesterday, supporters and non-supporters of same-sex Continue reading »

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About that 90 Percent Voter Turnout…


Turns out it was 100% wrong. Republicans were quick to pounce on a non-existent voter fraud scandal in Philadelphia, after premature figures indicated that “90 percent of the precincts in Philadelphia . . . turned out over 90 percent of voters.” State House speaker, Sam Smith, called the figures “questionable” the day after Election Day, Continue reading »

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76ers Co-Owner Hosted Romney’s 47% Speech, Among Other Things…


Marc Leder, co-owner of the 76ers and (alleged) extreme party-boy/multi-millionaire, is a big fan of Mitt Romney, so it makes sense that he’d host a private fundraiser for the GOP candidate? Too bad it wasn’t so private… The $50,000 a plate fundraiser was held at Leder’s home in Boca Raton. Continue reading »

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Get Yer IDs Out: Judge Denies Voter ID Injunction


Controversy over the Republican-backed Voter ID law, which would require all Pennsylvania voters to present a valid photo ID at the polls, has now come to a head, as Judge Robert E. Simpson has denied an attempt by civil rights groups to kill the bill before the November election. The lawsuit, Continue reading »

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Romney Amazed by Wawa’s Touch Screen Computers


Mitt Romney continued his courting of Pennsylvania this past weekend, stopping at a Quakertown Wawa for a “meatball sub” and some good old fashioned human-to-human interfacing. Mitt was apparently dazzled by Wawa’s touchscreen ordering system (which has been around for, like, ever), delivering this brilliant piece of Madden-esque commentary after Continue reading »

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For Mitt Romney, Size Doesn’t Matter


On Thursday, GOP nominee Mitt Romney robot-walked his exoskeleton into a West Philly charter school and proclaimed to teachers and administrators that class size has no influence on student performance. As you might expect, this went over about as well as… a Mitt Romney PR stop in the heart of Continue reading »

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This Sunday: Ron Paul Will Rally


Since Rick Santorum pulled out of the race last week, political eyes are solely focused on the all-but-confirmed GOP nominee, Mitt Romney. But what of the little libertarian that could, Ron Paul? On Sunday afternoon, Ron Paul, accompanied by his main endorser Michael Scheuer (former CIA Bin Laden Unit Leader), Continue reading »

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