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No, You Can’t Park Under The Ben Franklin Bridge Yet


Finding a spot along Delaware Avenue is a daunting task, but some of those parking woes could be alleviated–if the parking lot under the Ben Franklin Bridge were open. Not too long ago The Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) met to talk about opening the parking lot again but that Continue reading »

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Senate Approves Bill to Abolish Philly Traffic Court


After nine former and current Traffic Court judges were recently indicted on multiple charges of corruption, a state Senate committee has passed a bill that would eliminate the Philadelphia Traffic Court as we know it. Larry Farnese and Michael Stack, two Philadelphia members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, backed the legislation Continue reading »

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Councilman Squilla Seeks to End “Civil War” Over Permit Parking


Depending on whom you ask, permit parking in Philadelphia can either be a beacon of hope in a cold world that abandoned you years ago, or it can be the bane of your shitty existence. Whatever side of the Mason-Dixon Line you fall on, Councilman Mark Squilla wants you to Continue reading »

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Sassy PPA Officers Will Undergo Hospitality Training, Could Learn Basic Human Compassion


Despite hours of video evidence documenting their penchant for rudeness, the PPA is looking to give their agents a softer touch when it comes to dealing with the public. During this month’s meeting of the Authority Board, the PPA agreed to pay $60,000 to the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau for Continue reading »

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You May Now Legally Question the PPA


Score one for the little guy (that’s you): Judge Leon Tucker has recently decreed that you are, indeed, allowed to cross-examine your nemesis PPA agent in court. The change comes after local hero and Fairmount resident Jim Pavlock unsuccessfully contested a few tickets at the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (BAA) and Continue reading »

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Say Goodbye to Philly Traffic Court!


If there’s one thing that proves city officials are actually working in our best interest, this has to be it. Not too long ago, we reported that Councilman Bill Green introduced a bill to put down the loathsome beast that is Philly’s traffic court by allowing drivers to contest parking Continue reading »

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Cyber Parking Wars


So it turns out your reoccurring dream- where you repel through the glass ceiling of the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication, slam a BS parking ticket on the table, throw open the double doors and then stroll out victorious into a heavenly white light -will never translate to reality, because City Continue reading »

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