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SEPTA Promises: NPT Will Bring Vending Machines to All Stations


Philadelphia’s public transportation system is about to undergo a renaissance, one that will (hopefully) thrust us from the dark ages of token technology into the high-tech world of 1999. Referred to as New Payment Technology (NPT), the token-less payment system is expected to be implemented by the fall of this Continue reading »

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South Philly Entrepreneur Creates Nifty Bike Safety App


“Let’s face it, getting hit by cars is the pits,” says South Philadelphia entrepreneur Bryce Beamer in a Kickstarter video for his product, the “Monocle.” The belt attachment/iPhone app aims to turn your phone into a bike reflector for late night rides when another option isn’t available. KMD Studios and Continue reading »

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Former Yahoo CEO Relegated to Beautiful Conshohocken


You Conshohocken commuters may find yourself sitting in traffic next to an internet millionaire! As it turns out, Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson is now working in Conshohocken as the CEO of ShopRunner, a much smaller, private e-commerce company. Scott’s career change was not exactly his own choice, as he Continue reading »

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Online Experiment Seeks to Pinpoint What Makes Philly Beautiful


Philly, like any large city, has its pockets of good, bad, and ugly. But what exactly makes those certain “good” sections so, well, good? More importantly, what actually makes a piece of Philadelphia beautiful? If you’ve got time to kill (if you’ve stumbled across Aroundphilly, you most certainly do), check Continue reading »

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New App Allows Mobile Access to Criminal Records


Babysitters, public urinators and generally creepy people beware: Your shameful criminal records are now (potentially) available at a moment’s notice to anyone owning a smart phone.  A new online app called Docket in Your Pocket is allowing users to look up criminal records in Pennsylvania on the go. Launched in Continue reading »

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Electric Car Charging Stations Coming to the Turnpike


The future is here! Ok, well, it’s not here yet but it should be making its way over soon, hopefully. NewsWorks has reported that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recently gave Car Charging Group LLC. $1 million to install electric car charging stations at service plazas along the turnpike. Continue reading »

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IPhone 4s vs Galaxy S II: The Drop Test


Smartphones (or computerphones as I call them) are clearly taking over our lives. Long gone are the days when you could lose friends over an extended argument regarding which actors voiced Timon and Pumba in The Lion King. And it’s a fact that all of us have given up on Continue reading »

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