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The Tumbler Batmobile Will be in the Middle of Nowhere, Philadelphia


Look, we appreciate that the folks at Tumbler Tour chose to bring the newest and decidedly most bad ass Batmobile to Philadelphia today. But couldn’t they have found a better location, perhaps one that isn’t adjacent to that log jam of unfinished off-ramps near I-95 and Aramingo? The Tumbler, which Continue reading »

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“Dancin’ on Air” Returns This Weekend, But Do Today’s Kids Have the Moves?


Dancin’ on Air will pop and lock its way back onto the airwaves on March 31st. The Saturday morning show originally aired in Philadelphia in the early 80s, but it eventually went national from 1987 to 1991, introducing the likes of Kelly Rippa, Duran Duran and the Beastie Boys. Obviously, Continue reading »

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Anthony Bourdain Looks to Film No Reservations in Philadelphia


There’s been a bit a of a grassroots campaign to get chef/author/all-around bad ass Anthony Bourdain to shoot an episode of No Reservations in Philadelphia. And why not? Philly’s now home to countless restaurants worthy of Bourdain’s infamous scrutiny. Last fall, local chef Marc Vetri may have planted the seed Continue reading »

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Philly Native Advances in College “Jeopardy!”


Finally, Philadelphia is getting recognition for something other than our propensity for frequent and often heinous murders. Philly native Sarah Bart will appear on Jeopardy! next Thursday at 7 pm, where she will fight for the title of smartest college student during the Jeopardy College Championship Semifinals. Sarah will “duke” Continue reading »

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Sexy “With Love” Ads Are Working, Unfortunately


Hotness is relative. Same goes for the effectiveness of regional advertising; in this case, the With Love, Philadelphia XOXO campaign. Procreation, however, is ubiquitous, on the uptick, and, not surprisingly, on the mind of every individual in the entire world at all times. Even as I write this, every atom Continue reading »

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Watch: Letterman Digs into Chris Christie


The lackluster lineup of GOP presidential candidates has many republicans urging the no-nonsense Governor Chris Christie to throw his hat in the ring. But a recent ABC article poses an, uh, important question: Is Chris Christie too fat to be president? Well, if you ask David Letterman, the answer is Continue reading »

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Local Man a “Difference Maker” to Stephen Colbert


If it looks like a vampire, walks like a vampire and talks like a vampire, then it probably is… a legal-savvy Philadelphia suburbanite. You may recall awhile back we covered the story of Patrick Rodgers, a local man who sued Wells Fargo and won, then foreclosed on one of the bank’s Continue reading »

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