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The End of North Philly Horses?


Pennsylvania SPCA workers carted off a dead North Philly horse today from a makeshift stable located at North 11th St. near Allegheney Ave. Three other horses characterized as “mistreated” were also escorted off the premises after authorities spotted them at 10 am in the morning. (Photo above is from similar Continue reading »

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Expelled New Jersey Olympian Employs Age-Old Excuse After Testing Positive for the Weed


You can take the Olympian out of Jersey, but you can’t take the “Jersey” out the Olympian-or so the new saying will go… I guess. TMZ reports today that New Jersey native and U.S. Judo Olympian Nick Delpopolo was recently expelled from the Olympics after testing positive for marijuana. But hold Continue reading »

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Don’t Call it a Crackdown: Cops Chip Away at ATV Scourge


We’re now at the peak of our annual ATV hell and considering all the constant chatter about ending the plight, we haven’t seen much headway- until this weekend, that is. On Sunday morning, the PPD made two raids, one in North Philly and another in Kensington, confiscating a total of Continue reading »

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Justice for Bolaris: Alleged “Do-Shot-Gate” Ringleader Arrested


It’s been a tough few years for Johnny B. You may remember that in the summer of 2010, the former Fox 29 meteorologist was hoodwinked by two Eastern European con women while vacationing in Miami. After slipping him the mickey, the two women proceeded to rack up around $43,000 on Bolaris’ Amex card, all while Continue reading »

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Meth in the City


Alright, maybe the title’s a little misleading since, obviously, there’s meth all over Philadelphia. But a makeshift meth lab in a Center City hotel room? That takes some Gus-sized balls. It appears said balls belong to 27-year-old Mathew Phillip Sinson, the alleged operator of a more-dangerous-than-it-sounds “shake-and-bake” lab in Center City. Continue reading »

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Mac’s Tavern Posts Photos of Alleged Thieves on Facebook, Epic Thread Ensues


It seems Mac’s Tavern in Old City- the bar partly owned by Rob and Kaitlin McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny-is having a bit of a problem with customers not paying their tab and, well, flat-out robbing other unsuspecting customers. In their attempts to identify the alleged criminals, Mac’s social media Continue reading »

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Help Bring this Pooping Cab Driver to Justice


Look, we all poop, but, unfortunately, not all of us have the requisite levels of class and sophistication to routinely stop us from blasting one in the middle of the street. Just take this yet-to-be-identified Freedom Taxi driver as a prime example. A YouTube user who calls himself (come on, Continue reading »

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