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Bike Bandits Loot Bikes Used in Charity Race


A group of thieves have reportedly stolen about a dozen bikes that were sitting behind a barbed wire fence outside of the Irish Pub on Walnut Street near 20th Street–bikes that were used in the 65-mile Tour de Shore charity event. Ugh. With a worth of about $22,000, this is a rather Continue reading »

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Watch: 4th of July Jam Stampede


So Philly’s increasingly massive event known as the 4th of July Jam thankfully went off without a hitch. Though, if you were one of the many thousands of people hanging out near the baseball field at 22nd street like I was, you might have thought otherwise. About three minutes before Continue reading »

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Philly Surveillance Cameras Still Not Really Surveilling Anything


About a year ago City Controller Alan Butkovitz released a highly critical report of Philly’s surveillance camera program. It turned out that just about 100 of the over 200 cameras were actually working–and Butkovitz voiced that that money should have been used to hire walking, talking police officers. Now a Continue reading »

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Explore Philly During the Hidden City Festival


If you’re interested in checking out some pretty killer, off-the-beaten-path art you wouldn’t typically find at a First Friday installation, you should definitely consider attending this year’s Hidden City Festival. Over the course of six weeks (May 23-June 30), nine unique historical sites will feature the work of 10 different Continue reading »

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Judge in “Kids for Cash” Scheme Sentenced to 28 Years


Back in February, former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. was convicted of racketeering, money laundering, mail fraud and tax evasion in what was arguably the most grotesque misuse of power the state of Pennsylvania has ever seen. Dubbed “Kids for Cash,” Judge Ciavarella Jr. apparently struck a back room deal Continue reading »

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Watch: Child Left Alone at SEPTA Station


It’s not uncommon to hear about people accidentally leaving their children alone in malls, hot cars, or other public areas… and that’s pretty much what happened after two women allegedly tried to avoid paying the fare for the Market-Frankford line. Cameras showed the child’s mother and grandmother trying to use the Continue reading »

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Are Philly’s Solar-Powered Trash Cans Too Dirty to Use?


Sure, they helped the city save $900,000 in one year, but are our super-fancy, solar-powered trash cans really all they’re cracked up to be? That’s a question TreeHugger contributor Michael Graham Richard recently asked after Motherboard posted a glowing review of the environmentally friendly disposal system. In case you’re unaware (or Continue reading »

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